Unlike any of the books in the framing industry The Principles of Framing Design
begins with traditional Design 101 concepts, but reconfigures them to fit within the
structure of picture framing. Never before has a design manual redefined
the aspects of line, color, and texture into the elements that make up
framing design including mats, moulding and layout.

Written for serious custom frame designers and those interested in designing for competition.
Chapter-by-chapter discussions include in depth discussions of the elements of
line, color, texture, shape, intensity, and space; and the factors of
rhythm, proportion, balance, emphasis, and unity to form the palette of
principles that make up design.

Broken into four sections, it covers the five stages of the design process;
all elements and factors of design, as individual chapters; designing for competition;
computer designing; and placement of wall hangings.

This newest release from Designs Ink Publishing, will be laminated, soft cover,
176 page edition, 7"x 9", price TBA, as it may be released as an e-Book.
The book is written in essay format, but includes line art, diagrams, tips, glossary,
contents, appendix, plus complete and extensive index and bibliography.