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Fine art originals are greatly enhanced by quality high end framing design. In turn, even an inexpensive open edition reproduction (see Prints this site) may be showcased as fine art by integrating the right framing. The frame design should always enhance and protect the art regardless of original or print. Preservation framing methods should always be followed for any collectable fine art, and all selected framing materials shall do no harm, nor in any way accelerate the natural deterioration of the art within.

There is no validity to the statement that great art must match the sofa. In today's world of eclectic interior design, if custom framing is designed to enhance the art it will indeed fit into any room decor.

Though most Paschke originals exhibited in the Gallery pages of this site are sold unframed, they are always available as framed works. Only 4-ply and 8-ply 100% cotton rag museum boards are used as mats and backing boards for Paschke originals, with only preservation quality filler and dust covers. Glazing of choice is UV-conservation clear glass, though UV-acrylic or museum glass is available if preferred. Call or email for price variations. All framed art sold by Designs Ink is preservation mounted with traditional starch paste and Japanese paper hinges, corner pockets or edge strips.

Sumi Kitten I (photo left) is a 10"x10" original ink painting on hard surfaced fine art paper. It has been triple matted using pure 4-ply museum rag boards to a finished frame size of 16"x 16".

The top mat is known as a tiered mat, which is a process of mat bevel enhancement developed by Chris Paschke and Designs Ink in the early 1980s when decorative and textured mat boards were not yet being produced.

Tiered matting is the bonding together of neutral pH papers and board using inert dry mount film adhesive so the resulting cut bevel edge of the window mat showcases a series of fine hairline stripes or bands of color. Tiered matting may be created as surface tiering, under tiering, pin striping, and bevel banding. This sample is under tiering because the contrasting layers were mounted to the back of the top mat.

The top creme colored mat has been undertiered with multiple layers of black acid-free Strathmore fine art paper mounted to the back, creating a 3-ply black line at the base of the creme 4-ply window mat bevel.

The middle mat of darker beige allows that added black stripe to visible accent the lines of the kitten in the art. A 3/16" 100% cotton spacer is between the second and third mats creating greater depth. The innermost bottom mat is a crisp white to best separate the color of the creme art paper from the mat package. This Paschke original was preservation hinged, framed with Nielsen 117 series black metal moulding, and UV-conservation clear glass.

Designs Ink has launched a new line of float frames developed specifically for artists called Designs Ink Float Frames. Artists are often producing much more work than they are exhibiting, and therefore often have the desire to reuse fine custom frames for new images. Both the Platform Float Frames and Stepped Float Frames feature reusable custom ordered frames for use with encaustic, oil, or acrylic paintings on hardboard. The frame profiles have been chosen specifically for use with art panels--not stretched canvases--and they will easily accommodate 1/4" to 1/2" base panels and up to 3/4" commercial hardboard cradles which are perfect for encaustics.

The new web pages illustrate frame profiles (styles) and assembly of the units. New frame profiles, sizes, and colors will be available as demand allows. The current pricing is subject to change, all orders are FOB Tehachapi, CA. For additional information, details on ordering, or turn around time call 661-821-2188 or email us at

Platform Float Frames

Designs Ink Platform Float Frames offer an affordable, reusable solution to quality gallery presentation. They are available as uncut 4' length sticks, frame only, or complete ready-to-hang kits. Each kit is ready for display with predrilled/preset screws, platform for float option, screws and hanging hardware.

There are currently ten frame styles:

PFF-708100 - 1-3/4" long base soft black lacquer with 1/4" face and 15/16" depth for platform or solid mount
PFF-708200 - 15/16" short base black lacquer with red hairline edges on 1/4" face and 1" depth for platform or solid mount
PFF-708303S - 1-3/8" long base black lacquer with 3/8"" brushed silver face and 1-1/4" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708304S - 1" short base black lacquer with 3/8" brushed silver face and 7/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708400 - 1-7/8" long base natural maple hardwood with 5/16" face and 1-5/8" depth for thick panel, pour, or 1-1/2" cradle
PFF-708500L - 1-5/8" long base light walnut with 1/4" face and 5/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708501BH - 13/16" short base solid matte black stain with 1/4" face and 1-1/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708501WH - 13/16" short base solid matte white with 1/4" face and 1-1/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708501BV - 1-3/8" long base solid matte black stain with 1/4" face and 9/16" depth for float platform and panel
PFF-708501WV - 1-3/8" long base solid matte white with 1/4" face and 9/16" depth for float platform and panel

Custom frame sizes and additional birch platforms, 1/4" lauan, 8-ply rag boards, 1/2" Brown and All White honeycomb panels, 1/2" Black and White Conservation Hexamount, and 3/4" Tycore are also available from 6" x 6" to 16" x 16".

<708100 sample
708200 sample
708303S sample
708304S sample
708400 sample
708500 & 501BH
708501BV sample
708501WV box sample
708501BH 8ply sample
sample with lifter




The photo above right shows a gold leaf frame with installed birch wood platform.
Lauan is currently being used as the thin lifter platform for the shallower profiles.
Kits come fully assembled, wired to hang, and ready to have the completed art glued to the platform.

Click blue link below for diagrams and pricing information.

Float Frame Diagrams and Pricelist

Step-by-Step Platform Replacement

Frame Order Form

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Stepped Float Frames

Designs Ink Stepped Float Frames are made of raw basswood and are only sold unfinished as an economy alternative to our ready-to-hang float frame kits. They are available in 4' length sticks, completed frame only, or full kit with all hardware. Mouldings are high quality fully sanded profiles that are ready to paint, stain or varnish.

There are currently two unfinished, sanded basswood profiles ready to paint or stain, but beautiful stained, carved wood mouldings will be added to the line during the next few months.

SFF-208100 - 1-1/8" height, 3/4" base with 1/4" face and 3/16" float space for 1/2" hardwood base
SFF-208200 - 1-3/4" height, 3/4" base with 1/4" face and 3/16" float space for 3/4" hardboard or cradle

Custom frame sizes available.

SFF-208200 N/A
SFF-208300 N/A
SFF-208400 N/A

The photo above shows a corner detail of finished float frame PFF-708100.
A piece of original encaustic with drips over the edges has been affixed
to the platform and is ready to hang.

Click blue link below for diagrams, frame dimensions and pricing information.

Stepped Float Frame Pricelist

Frame Order Form

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Sink Mount Frames

Designs Ink Sink Mount Frames are designed as reusable units for 8-ply rag mat, 1/4" birch or hardwood panel, or 3/8" commercial clay coated painted panel. Many encaustic and oil paintings are best when viewed without surface glazing and yet require the support of a sink mount top mat. Display mats are surface laminated with a heat-set matte finish vinyl film so they are fully protected, washable and accent the art panel as a traditional linen liner would. Laminated mats are available as black, gray, creme, and white. Kits come with black mat unless another color is specified.

Frames come with black 4-ply museum rag laminated mat, 1/8" and 3/16" acid free foam center board sink mount spacers and one or two solid foam backing boards for future fitting options, turnbuttons for easy fitting, all wired to hang. Birch wood panels and 8-ply museum rag blanks are also available.

There are currently five frame styles offered:

SMF-408100 - 15/16" square profile with satin waxed finish, rounded edges and antique gold lip
SMF-408200 - 7/8" mottled gray veneer surface square profile with matte black sides
SMF-408400 - 1-1/4" deep rabbet, water gilded 9/16" face contrasted by black lacquer sides
SMF-408117 - 1-5/16" tall, contemporary metal profile with 7/16" flat face
SMF-408024 - 1-3/8" tall, quarter round profile of brushed metal in a dozen assorted muted colors

Custom frame sizes and additional birch platforms are also available.

The small turnbutton as seen on the lower left leg of SMF-408100
are set around the back perimeter of the frame for easy removal of art panels.

408100 sample
408200 sample
408400 sample
408117 profile<
408024 profile
<Kit Layers
Mat Colors

Sink Mount Kits comes with one 4-ply laminated mat, two window cut foam center boards (1/8" and 3/16") to hold the art in place with no adhesive, and one, two or three uncut foam center backing boards (depending upon frame depth) that may be window cut with a razor knife for deeper panels.

Though Sink Mount Frames come with standard matte black mats, creme and white are also available upon request.

Click the blue link below for diagrams, dimensions and pricing.

Sink Mount Frame Pricelist

Frame Order Form

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Custom framing is my specialty and I am here to assist your needs. Volume orders may allow for additional discounts.
Print out a copy of the Designs Ink order form then fax, mail, or call in your order.
Click order form link below.

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