Welcome to the homepage of Chris Paschke and Designs Ink, specializing in fine art originals, art licensing, note cards, greeting cards, prints and open edition reproductions. The following pages and gallery will introduce you to the operations, original art, and licensing of Chris Paschke as an innovative contemporary abstract expressionist, Asian and floral artist, calligrapher, figurative painter, encaustic artist, and graphic designer.

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All of the Chris Paschke art in the Gallery are originals, though some were designed as open edition reproductions and may be available retail through Prints Gallery or wholesale through Editions Limited, Grand Image or Wild Apple Graphics. Contact us directly for information on out-of-print Wild Apple prints as many are still available exclusively from us. Many Paschke originals are also available as Print-on-Demand giclee images offered on fine art paper or canvas from assorted internet companies. The links below will take you to many of them. And for licensing opportunities contact Chris Paschke directly at the numbers below.

The newest offering added to this site is our Notecard and Greeting Card Department. In this era of twittering and sending emails, the art and sentiment behind the sending of a personally hand-written greeting or note card is fast becoming a very special and quite unique gift. Nearly all of the original art shown in the galleries on this site may be custom printed into 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" fine art Chris Paschke cards to fit your desires. Cards are blank inside so they may be individually personalized to fit any occasion, and all individual cards and sets are protected by clear protective sleeves. Both A2 and A6 cards are sold individually for retail prices of $3.95 each, as sets of four for $13.95, six for $19.95 or eight for $24.95. Images may be selected to complete your set. Wholesale prices are available upon request, some assortment limitations may apply. Email us for additional information info@designsinkart.com.

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Fine Art America is now offering a few 5"x7" print-on-demand Paschke greeting cards at FineArtAmerica.com

The Encaustic Gallery is one of the newest fine art galleries on this site. Working with opaque and translucent waxes to create encaustic panels and mixed media images was introduced at Designs Ink just last year. To accompany our encaustic originals, Designs Ink has launched a new line of float frames developed specifically for artists called Designs Ink Float Frame Kits. The Platform Float Frames, Stepped Float Frames, and newly released Sink Mount Frame Kits feature reusable frames for use with encaustic, oil, or acrylic paintings on hardboard. The frame profiles have been chosen specifically for use with art panels--not stretched canvases--and accommodate 1/4" to 1/2" base panels and up to 3/4" commercial hardboard cradles. For additional information on these frames visit the Frame Page, button at left.

Picture Frames from Designs Ink
We also offer fine custom picture framing for collectors, an extensive reference library, and picture framing books on mounting and creative applications for framers, artists and photographers. Having begun in Shasta County California as an independent design firm of lettering and fine art in 1980, Designs Ink has found its way into larger and larger facilities, currently located in Tehachapi, CA as the gallery and studio for Chris A. Paschke, and corporate office of Designs Ink Publishing. In 2009 we launched the Chris Paschke Article Archive and Reference Library. The Library is a work-in-progress that will eventually be a complete research archive of nearly twenty years of articles from Paschke's assorted mounting, laminating and design columns originally written for Picture Framing Magazine under the columns of Mastering Mounting, The Essence of Design, and The Design Process for the picture framing industry. New additionals to the library are the monthly column Framing Matters for International Encaustic Artist (IEA) eNewsletter WAX-ON; and the monthly column Mounting Matters for Greater Los Angeles Chapter (GLAC) PPFA eNewsletter LA FRAMER.

Platform Float Frames
Designs Ink Platform Float Frames offer an affordable, reusable solution to quality gallery presentation. They are available as uncut 4' length sticks, frame only, or complete ready-to-hang kits. Each kit is ready for display with predrilled/preset screws, platform for float option, screws and hanging hardware.

There are currently ten frame styles:

PFF-708100 - 1-3/4" long base soft black lacquer with 1/4" face and 15/16" depth for platform or solid mount
PFF-708200 - 15/16" short base black lacquer with red hairline edges on 1/4" face and 1" depth for platform or solid mount
PFF-708303S - 1-3/8" long base black lacquer with 3/8"" brushed silver face and 1-1/4" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708304S - 1" short base black lacquer with 3/8" brushed silver face and 7/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708400 - 1-7/8" long base natural maple hardwood with 5/16" face and 1-5/8" depth for thick panel, pour, or 1-1/2" cradle
PFF-708500L - 1-5/8" long base light walnut with 1/4" face and 5/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708501BH - 13/16" short base solid matte black stain with 1/4" face and 1-1/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708501WH - 13/16" short base solid matte white with 1/4" face and 1-1/8" depth for float platform or solid mount
PFF-708501BV - 1-3/8" long base solid matte black stain with 1/4" face and 9/16" depth for float platform and panel
PFF-708501WV - 1-3/8" long base solid matte white with 1/4" face and 9/16" depth for float platform and panel

Custom frame sizes and additional birch platforms, 1/4" lauan, 8-ply rag boards, 1/2" Brown and All White honeycomb panels, 1/2" Black and White Conservation Hexamount, and 3/4" Tycore are also available from 6" x 6" to 16" x 16".

Link to Platform Float Frames on Frames page of this website

Link to printable PDF of Float Frame Diagrams and Pricelist

Stepped Float Frames
Designs Ink Stepped Float Frames are made of raw basswood and are only sold unfinished as an economy alternative to our ready-to-hang float frame kits. They are available in 4' length sticks, completed frame only, or full kit with all hardware. Mouldings are high quality fully sanded profiles that are ready to paint, stain or varnish.

There are currently two unfinished frame styles:
SFF-208100 - 1-1/8" height, 3/4" base with 1/4" face and 3/16" float space for 1/2" hardwood base
SFF-208200 - 1-3/4" height, 3/4" base with 1/4" face and 3/16" float space for 3/4" hardboard or cradle
Custom frame sizes available.

Sink Mount Frames
Designs Ink Sink Mount Frames are designed as reusable units for monoprints on paper, 8-ply rag mat or up to 3/8" painted panels. Many encaustic and oil paintings are best when viewed without surface glazing and yet require the support of a sink mount top mat. Display mats are surface laminated with a heat-set matte finish film so they are fully protected, washable and accent the art panel as a traditional linen liner would. Select frames come with frame, black 4-ply museum rag laminated mat, 1/8" and 3/16" acid free foam center board sink mount spacers, turnbuttons for easy fitting, wired to hang. Additional birch wood panels and 8-ply museum rag blanks are also available.

There are currently five profiles available in the Sink Mount Kit line, three wood profiles
SMF-408100 - 15/16" square profile with satin waxed finish, rounded edges and antique gold lip
SMF-408200 - 7/8" mottled gray veneer surface square profile with matte black sides
SMF-408400 - 1-1/4" deep rabbet, water gilded 9/16" face contrasted by black lacquer sides

and two metal profiles available in thirty assorted finishes and colors.
SMF-408117 - 1-5/16" tall, contemporary metal profile with 7/16" flat face
SMF-408024 - 1-3/8" tall, quarter round profile of brushed metal in a dozen assorted muted colors

For information or purchasing of fine art originals, open edition reproductions, Platform Float Frames, Stepped Float Frames or Sink Mount Frames for artists; inquiries over licensing opportunities, commission works, fine art or commercial calligraphy, logo designing; or to order mounting books:
The Mounting And Laminating Handbook, Third Edition, 2008
The Mounting And Laminating Handbook, Second Edition, 2002
Creative Mounting, Wrapping And Laminating, 2000
email us or call anytime.

Additional print opportunites, framed and unframed open edition reproductions, digital canvases,
musuem canvases, print-on-demand and greeting cards are also available from the companies and links below.

Print-on-Demand Canvas and Fine Art Paper or Open Edition Reproductions

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