Single Stroke - Diptych

12" x12" each

One large bold horizontal single stroke was made using a large sumi brush on heavy 140# rough watercolor paper
of varying sizes on Arches 90# hot press watercolor paper. Each frame has two freeform hand cut and wrapped mats
using thin mulberry paper and a single 4-ply mat, all assembled with spacers between to create added depth.
Additional sumi brush strokes were continued up onto the wrapped mats for a totally interactive composition.
Frame is a 1-1/2" deep matte black lacquer with soft curve stem design.

This type of framing may only be done with the express consent of the artist;
as a collabortive venture between artist and framer;
or, as in this case, by the artist alone...also a skilled framer.

These are sold only as framed diptych, priced at $750.00 for the pair

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