Mounting Matters

by Chris A. Paschke, CPF GCF



LA Framer GLAC Newsletter April 2013

"Mounting Turkish Tiles"


Last year I received an inquiry from a framer in New Jersey wanting to know what adhesive should be used to mount four, 1/4" thick, 12x12" ceramic tiles that a customer had brought back from a recent trip to Turkey. They had photographed the display sample at the store when they were there as a sample for how they wished it framed upon their return to USA (photo 1).


It sample tiles had been mounted to the large 1/4" to 3/8" clear acrylic sheet with finished beveled edges. Round spacers lift and balance each tile above the acrylic (photo 2). Adhesive was applied first between the tile and the lifter then again between lifter and the acrylic support.






photo 1

Sample of four tiles mounted to acrylic.




photo 2

Round spacers lift the tiles above the acrylic

allowing for the keyhole.








In this case, it was decided that silicone would work because the tiles were to remain open air. A few years ago I was forced to use silicone adhesive with a small set of arrowheads that had been mounted with silicone by the customer. Since silicone has no known solvent there remains a permanent residue making silicone the only adhesive option that would bond to it. Hugh Phibbs helped direct me to an acid free version used with electronics that does not outgas making it safe for framed enclosures. What I finally located was a product from MSC Direct called RTV6708 Multi-Purpose Neutral Cure Sealant (product #06904817). RTV6708 sealants are neutral cure, one-component, low odor, ready to use silicone adhesive sealants that cure at room temperature, which may be used for electrical insulation properties having UV, chemical and weather resistance. Even neutral silicone such as this requires total curing prior to framing completion and/or final enclosure.



With the tiles lifted above the backing there was space for one or two keyholes to be cut in the acrylic to allow for flush wall mounting when complete. Photo 3 illustrates the side view of another completed set of mounted tiles flush to the wall.








photo 3

A completed wall mounted set of tiles floated above the thick acrylic backing

to allow for keyhole mounting flush to the wall.


Photos for educational purposes only

courtesy of Kling Arts, Montclair, NJ 07042
























I haven't heard back from this framer since I helped her, so I am holding to the premise, "no news is good news."


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