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"Sink Mounts for Hardboards"

January 2011

Many encaustic artists are working on cradled panels, but some are opting for thinner 8 ply rag board, ⅛" hardboards (like Masonite), ⅜" MDF (medium density fiberboard), or clay coated boards such as Ampersand Claybord, Dick Blick, Daniel Smith or other private label hardboards. As with many commercial boards, Ampersand Hardbord is available as ⅛" flat panels suitable for standard framing; ¾" cradled panels for float frames, and 2" cradled boxes that stand alone with no frame.


By standard framing they simply mean placed into an average depth frame as you might display any ⅛" painted canvas board. For oils and acrylics, when the look of a mat is desired, a linen liner is added as an inner frame. If a traditional mat is desired then a sink mount is a viable alternative.

A sink mount is a noninvasive, reversible, reusable, support system used under a window mat. It uses a simply constructed pinwheel of ⅛" or 3/16" foam board as a framework to surround the hardboard panel.


The pinwheel is attached to the backing board and the encaustic art panel is placed inside the borders of the pinwheel, which is then held in place by a top window mat that is cut ¼" smaller than the pinwheel. This holds the panel in place using no adhesives, clips or permanent fusing, making the process 100% save and used by conservators around the world.


How-To Assemble a Pinwheel



All framers should know how to create a sink mount. Just make sure the frame is deep enough for this type of spacer. Next month I'll explain how to convert this style of mount into one that can easily accommodate any wax soaked paper or opaque monoprint.

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