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"Encaustic in Framing"

April 2010

In my on-going attempt to keep both framers and artists up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques, I regularly teach custom picture framers new tips of handling our encaustic fine art. Last year I taught at framing industry events and wrote articles for framing trade magazines on "Float Framing Encaustic and Canvases", and "Framing Encaustic Hardboards and Cradles". This information has been extremely well received and I have been able to help many framers learn the ins and outs of working with the encaustic medium.

This year, I just returned from teaching a class at the PMA-Anaheim 2010 show called "Sink Mounting for Glazed and Unglazed Art" and yes, it was indeed based on the February and March columns in Wax-On. Once again the class was a big hit and hopefully even more of your local framers will be more up-to-date on the types of substrates we use and why we may not require glass covering for our pieces.

Also during the annual PMA show the annual PPFA—Professional Picture Framers Association—framing competition finals are held. To my surprise, one framer—Keith Elrod—had became so enamored with encaustic when I taught the class last year he went out and learned the basics, only to use them in his PPFA International Framing Competition project Heart Rod Guitar (photo 1)*. Who knew?


Each year PPFA selects one piece of art to be the PRINT competition piece for that year. framers compete at local chapters the winners advance to the finals held at the annual conference and trade show. Heart Rod Guitar by Rod Morris was the selected monoprint for PPFA 2009-2010 PRINT Framing Competition.

The detail of Keith's project shows he not only used encaustic as the decorative backdrop, but also as a ¼" inlay accent embedded in a white linen liner which surrounded the art (photo 2).


From a frame design point of view, the use of encaustic was a very innovative approach to trying something different, but alas, the "starry, starry night" backdrop was ultimately too overpowering for the featured art. Had he used only the ¼" accent strip and a more neutral background the project may have been more successful.

Although this piece did not receive a monetary award I was thrilled to see encaustic used in a creative approach taking it beyond an art medium into another world of framing enhancement. Maybe I need to think about this a little more for a possible class at Montserrat in 2011.

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