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"My Newest Favorite Tool"

January 2011

Sometimes it is impossible to keep quiet about a new find. I can never have enough tools and when I come across one that becomes an extension of my right arm, well…I simply must share the find. Harbor Freight is a discount retail chain that is located across the USA with numerous stores and an online store. I found this little gem last summer and couldn't pass up the sale price at $9.95—regular $11.95. It is a 4.8V rechargeable battery screwdriver with six variable screw heads. The tool is uses an LED plug in charger and the charge lasts until used up as opposed to running down even when not in use as with conventional batteries (photo 1).

201101_001bPhoto 1
Harbor Freight 4.8V battery screwdriver

I actually thought it would be the perfect carpel tunnel wrist saver tool for the installation of platforms my float frame line for artists. Though small frames only require 4 to 6 screws, larger frames can be rather time intensive and repetitious.

After it was fully charged I couldn't wait to try it out and queried as to just how tough and dependable this little dynamo might really be, so my first real test was at the installation of the adjustable Arakawa Hanging System for the new Walker-Strahan Gallery, Redding CA. The brackets needed to be screwed into wall headers at the top edge of the wall and the wood was very dense.

Well…the little guy hunkered down and drove the screws in like a champ! Who knew? I returned and purchased two more, one for home and one for back up.

201101_002bPhoto 2
Many screws, time saved

I also purchased a handful of small PH1 replaceable Phillips screw heads since the tiny 3x¼" and 4x½" screws I use for the float frames are very small.

It's worth the trip.

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