Framing Matters

by Chris A. Paschke, CPF GCF



IEA E-Newsletter February 2010

"Sink Mounts for Paper and Monoprints"


Last month I discussed a noninvasive, reversible mounting technique for framing encaustic originals on hardboards using a method called sink mounting. This month I am expanding that discussion to include the mounting of thin, opaque, and wax soaked papers.


When wax soaks into paper it precludes the ability to hinge them in any traditional  framing manner. The saturated wax disallows starch paste—adhesive—from sticking to the paper so alternative methods of using corner pockets or edge strips is required. I will cover these methods in more depth in future columns.


The photo top left shows two wax soaked 90# papers. The art upper left calligraphy has a square format allowing it to be mounted to a backing board behind a mat using corner pockets.


Corner Pockets

Commercial corner pockets are neutral pH, polyester, trimmed to 1/4" allowing for a window mat to easily cover it with overlap. This works well for mixed media and partial encaustic coverage on paper that require the protection of surface glass or acrylic.


The torn paper image (photo 1) cannot be mounted using corner pockets because of its free form shape. One of the ways this type of wax soaked original may be mounted is by using a sink mount as talked about last month. To locate "Sink Mount for Hardboards" go to, click Articles by Subject and scroll down to IEA Newsletters.


Sink Mount for Paper

The same sink mount format may be used as with hardboards by making the 1/8" foam sink space narrower by adding a piece of mat board to the unit. The 4-ply board lifts the paper so it just kisses the back of the window mat. If the paper is placed loosely behind the mat with no 4-ply lifter it may ripple or cockle over time.


In order for a sink mount to be used for paper it must be strong enough to support its own weight by standing up on end. Translucent thin paper as used for monoprints may be too thin to use in a sink mount and may require an alternative method.















Color Backing

A crème mat board is placed inside the window to lift the soaked paper. A window mat is then placed on top to hold it in place.

With a free form shape, the piece of selected mat lifter may act as a decorative backing to fill the void and enhance the art.

There are almost always options that can help you frame your masterpiece, though perhaps not traditional, beautiful nonetheless.


















































































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