Framing Matters

by Chris A. Paschke, CPF GCF



IEA Newsletter - Wax-On, July 2011

"Proper Wire Installation"


Improperly attached and wound wire may slip with time, but properly attached and twisted wire will not slip. Thread one end of the wire over the D-Ring or hanger hardware, not a screw eye. Cross the short threading end to the left across on top of wire then up down through the hanger from behind and through the wire loop creating a lark's head knot. Pull tightly and wrap the remaining wire end tightly around the hanging wire.








photo 1

Loose lark's head shows

pattern of threading










photo 2

Pull knot tight













photo 3

Twist loose end into tight wraps

snug against knot






The wire should be pulled up at center to half the distance between the horizon line of the hangers and the top of the frame. This will allow for two hooks to keep the painting flat and horizontal against the wall.








photo 4

Wire should reach half to top of frame

once attached both sides










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