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by Chris A. Paschke, CPF GCF




 Framer – Pacific Southwest Chapter eNewsletter October 2013

"Inmes Point Drivers"


I have always said we rarely change use of a tool, piece of equipment or technique until we change something else in our routine and that is precisely my story. Over the past few years I have been selling small open edition prints of my own art in small 8x8" frames using clearance and sale length moulding. These small pieces have been great for boosting sales and keeping up with demand has been a challenge.


Since my father and I began framing in 1972 I have forever been a fan of point drivers, in fact I still have his original Fletcher-Terry FrameMaster® Diamond Point all metal driver with the little diamond shaped points (photo 1). I've always preferred rigid points over flexi points since I never planned to remove a mat package until I began creating small point-of-purchase framed prints. Since I purchase close-out and discontinued moulding to keep the retail price low there are times a customer will request a series of images in a specific frame no longer available and I am forced to switch out the image. I needed a flexible point driver.








photo 1

(L to R) Fletcher Point Driver, Flexi-Point Driver and

original Fletcher-Terry diamond point driver from 1972.









In November 2011, after over 30 years as General Manager of M&M Distributors, Mark Butwinski formed INMES-USA, Inc. to sell and support sales of equipment to the picture framing and woodworking industries. INMES-USA—in partnership with INMES, a Brazilian company--which sells double miter saws, single head rotating miter saws, saw blades, underpinners, dust collectors, pneumatic and manual point drivers (photo 2). They also manufacture v-nails for most brands including Cassese (in cartridges), AMP, Fletcher/Pilm, and Pistorius. INMES machines have been sold in the U.S.A. since 2001 but have never had the support of a parts inventory nor technicians who could service the product here in the USA.




Sept13-2 Inmes




photo 2

Inmes Point Drivers - Red guns are for rigid points and

the blue and yellow are for flexible points.








I had have another brand of flex point driver but it jams and although I am constantly disassembling and reassembling it to freely drive again…it continues to jam. I also noticed that even with spring penetration adjustment very often the points would fall out when bent for reassembly. I had almost given up on flexible points until I received my INMES Flexible Point Driver a few months ago. It is lightweight, easy to use and soundly penetrates the wood to firmly hold the point while still allowing for flexibility without the point falling out. This has been a wonderful addition to my tool family.


Mark Butwinski has been a long time friend and supporter of PPFA and our chapter offering quarterly door prizes, meeting goodies for all those attending (last meeting's LION CWH2 Hanger samplers) and as an award certificate sponsor for this year's Popular Choice PRINT -$50 Gift Certificate. Thank you Mark for all you do for us.


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