Designs Ink is proud to announce the launch ofDIP Online: Designs Ink Publishing Article Archive and Reference Library, a record of over twenty years of articles and research data from Chris A Paschke's assorted mounting, laminating and design columns originally written for the picture framing industry. As the foremost authority on mounting she has written four books, been a columnist and mounting editor for Picture Framing Magazine, as well as contributing writer for Art Expressions Magazine, Art Business Today, Decor Magazine, Decor International, GLAC LA Framer, ILFOPRO Newsletter, IEA Wax-On, PMA-For Members Only, The Pastel Journal and Watercolor Artist Magazine.

Custom picture framing has evolved a great deal since she and her father began framing back in 1970. At that time it was common practice to use masking tape to attach the art to the mat, and corrugated cardboard as a backing board and filler. Heavyweight gray chip board was also a very popular substrate, and spray mount was the mounting method of choice. Custom framing is a state-of-the-art business where techniques evolve along with materials. Today, use of museum glass and reversible hinging techniques have taken custom framing to the level found in many museums and always in high end galleries.

The earliest articles in this library are from 1991, when the evils of spray mounting were just beginning to become known and foam center boards became God's gift to framers. All the earliest articles remain in the library as a reference and walk through history. Following the earlier days of mounting a RC--resin coated--photograph through to the issues surrounding the heat sensitivities of 21st century digital photographs is an interesting journey.

The library is meant to be a resource for everyone from framer to artist. It is perfect for new framers who need to know all the basics from materials to technique, and also for framers with decades of experience who just want to read up on digitals to make sure they are doing the right thing. From manual spray mounting in 1970, to dry mounting with a heated vacuum press in 1985, to cold roller laminators in 2009. The times have changed, and so have the articles. Enjoy the library and feel free to contact Chris Paschke at Designs Ink, with additional questions.

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