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Welcome to Paschke Online!

Designs Ink is proud to offer you the opportunity for extended research and a stroll through framing history with Designs Ink Publishing's Reference Library. Chris A Paschke, CPF GCF CMG has been an educator, author, and columnist for over twenty years. She has written numerous editorial series for Picture Framing Magazine including the special CMC 3-part "Teaching An Old Framer New Tricks" 2001, and two 12-part design series "The Designs Process" monthly through 1994, and "The Elements of Design", bi-monthly during 2000 and 2001.

Articles are listed alphabetically and are dated for easier reference. Those written in the first half of the 1990s may not have photographs included, but diagrams should be there. Click the title for the link to the complete text.

This library is in its infancy and new articles will become available shortly. Check back often.

Paschke Online

Designs Ink Publishing Article Archive and Reference Library

Original text, diagrams and photographs by Chris A. Paschke, CPF GCF CMG.


2001: A Mounting/Framing Odyssey, January 2001

2006 Year in Review, December 2006

A Photo Is a Photo (Analog or Digital), October 2003

Abridged History of Dry Mounting, October 2004

Acrylic Panels, October 2009

Acrylic Panels, October 2009 PDF

Adhesives & Common Names, updated 2014

Adhesive Saturation: Ghosting vs. Tinting, September 1999

Adhesives for Digital Canvases, October 2006

Adhesives Trends, January 1992

Archival Dry Mount Tissues, February 1998

Adhesives for Dry Mounting, July 1994

All That Glitters is Not Gold, August 1992

Anticipating the Trends: 2006, January 2006

Artist And Framer Working Together, August 2017

Ask The Expert: Art and T-Hinges, TAM-June 2013

Basics, May 2006

Bevel Banding, October 1993

B&W Photo Frame Designing, October 2015

Blueprints, August 2011

Bo Leaf, Papyrus and Float Mounting, December 2006

Bone Burnishers Revisited, September 1995

Box Clever-ABT, January 2013

Burnishers: The Sensuous Bone, December 2011

Burnishing Edges is the Finishing Touch, February 1992

C-Prints, December 2008

Calligraphy for Framers: Tools, March 1993

Calligraphy for Framers: Design Applications, April 1993

CanvasMount-More Than A Canvas, December 2010

Canvas Transfers Alive And Well, July 2007

Canvas Transfers Alive And Well, September 2007

Canvases Then And Now: Digital canvas, April 2004

Canvases Then And Now: Types of Canvas, March 2004

Canvassing paper prints, December 1994

Canvassing RC Photos-Projects, November 1994

Capped Stack Float Frames, IEA-July 2013

Chinese Papercuts, July 2001

Chinese Papercut Options, July 2006 PDF

Chinese Approach To Scroll Mounting, P1, July 2005 PDF

Chinese Mounting, P2, August 2005

Chinese Scrolls: Repair, September 2005

Chinese Silk Embroidery, July 2007

Chinese Silk Embroidery, July 2007 PDF

Chinese Silk Paintings, May 2005

Chinese Silk Paintings, May 2005 PDF

CMC-Designs That Sell Themselves, July 2001

CMC-Pricing That Pays, November 2001

CMC-When To Go Computer, March 2001

Cockled Handprints, March 2007

Color Copiers: Lightfastness, March 1997

Color Copiers: The Rest Of The Story, April 1997

Color Tinting, September 1994

Condition Reports, January 2017 PDF

Contempo Panels And Faux Glass Etching, August 1991

Contempo Panels for Certificate Design, October 1995

Contemporary Brocade Mats, June 2008

Contemporary Brocade Mats, June 2008 PDF

Defending Artist Copyright, GLAC November 2011

Creative Mat Design, March 1992

Critique #1, January 1995

Critique #2, February 1995

Critique #3, March 1995

Damage and Camouflage, July 2008

Damage and Restoration, June 2006

Deckle-Edged Watercolors, January 2015 PDF

Deckle-Edged Watercolors, August 2015 PDF-version 2

Deep Bevel Wrapping, February 1991

Deep Bevel Wraps II, February 1991

Defending Artist Copyright, December 1992

Definitions And Adhesives, December 2009

Designer Laminates, July 1999

Designs Critique-Birds, January 1997

Designs Critique-Calaga, April 1997

Designs Critique-Flies, March 1997

Designs Critique-Tile, February 1997

Digital Canvas Test: Abridged, August 2008

Digital Canvas Test: Spreadsheets, August 2008 PDF

Digital Canvas Test: Stretching, August 2008

Digital Canvases, October 2006

Digital Condition Report 2013

Digital, Digital, Digital, September 2005

Digital Directions: Common Digital Photo Problems, August 2002

Digital Directions: Heat Tolerances #1, February 2002

Digital Directions: Digital Photo Test #2, June 2002

Digital Discussions, June 2007

Digital Fireman, August 2003

Digital Hoopla, September 2003

Digital Reproductions, June 2006

Digitals-Part 1: Identifying Digitals, May 2011

Digitals-Part 2: Handling Digitals, June 2011

Digital Technologies 2013

Digital Umbrella 2013

Digital Trends and Framing, January 2002

Diplomas and Certificates, July 2002

Disasters And Mounting Mistakes, March 2003

Donations and Recycled Profits, September 2008

Do You Know Hardware?, January 2014, FATG-UK

Dry Float Mounting, December 2006

Dry Mount Adhesives Revisited, September 1998

Dry Mount Adhesives Revisited, September 1998 PDF

Dry Mount Work Station, July 1992

Dust Covers-IEA, September 2012

Dust Covers: Kraft To Tyvek-GLAC, October 2012

Embossed Magnolias: Foam Board Mats Part I, March 1998

Embossed Magnolias: Foam Board Mats Part II, April 1998

Embossing Fabrics, June 1994

Embossing Papers, August 1994

Embossing with Laminating Films, March 1994

Encapsulating Polyesters, June 1996

Encapsulating Vinyls, June 1996

Encaustic Alternates, June 2009

Encaustic In Framing, April 2010

Encaustic Paintings, FATG-October 2016

Endura Metallic Photos, December 2003

Essence of Design: Balance, August 2001

Essence of Design: Color, June 2000

Essence of Design: Emphasis, October 2001

Essence of Design: Intensity, December 2000

Essence of Design: Introduction, February 2000

Essence of Design: Line, April 2000

Essence of Design: Proportion, June 2001

Essence of Design: Rhythm, April 2001

Essence of Design: Shape, October 2000

Essence of Design: Space, February 2001

Essence of Design: Texture, August 2000

Essence of Design: Unity, December 2001

Evolution of Canvas Chart, March 2004

Face Mounting, October 2008

Face Mounts, Endura Metallic and C-Prints, December 2008

Facemount Pros And Cons, May 2017

Facemount Pros And Cons, May 2017 PDF

FATG-Framing Pastels, October 2012

FATG-The Evolution of Float Frames for Canvas, August 2010

Faux Glass Etching & Design, November 1998

Favorite Tool-IEA, February 11

Favorite Tool-GLAC, March 2011

Flat Mounting Sanded Paper-GLAC, October 2011

Flat Stack Float Frames, IEA-August 2013 PDF

Floating Deckle-Edged Watercolors, January 2015 PDF

Float Frame Variations for Encaustic Art, June 2009

Float Frames for Encaustic-PPFA FMO, December 2009 (no diagrams)

Float Frames for Encaustic-PPFA FMO, December 2009 PDF

Float Frames for Encaustic Panels, February 2008

Float Frame Trends, January 2014 PDF

Floating Deckle Edged Watercolors, October 2013

Float Platforms, Lifters and Spacers, November 2010

Float Mounting (Carousel), August 2002

Float Mounting with Pressure-Sensitives, October 1996

Floats, Lifters and Spacers, February 2011

Float Lifters-GLAC, April 2011

Flush, Flat and Float Mounting, February 2005

Flush, Flat and Float Mounting, February 2005 PDF

Foam Board 101, April 1999

Foam Board Freedom, March 1992

Foamboard and ISO 18902, April 2008

Four C's, January 1997

Framing Cradled Boxes-IEA, April 2013

Framing Design, PacSo-November 2013

Framing Hardware Basics, TAM-January 2014

Framing Panels-IEA, May 2013

Framing Pastels, ABT August 2011

Framing Tiles, April 2002

Framing Tools & Dust Covers, TPJ August 2014

Framing Watercolors, WAM February 2010

Frameless Framing: Acrylic Panels, October 2009

Frameless Framing: Acrylic Panels, October 2009 PDF

French Cleat Hangers, April 2012

From Photos To Canvas To Cash, May 1991

From Photos To Canvas To Cash, May 1991 PDF

Ghosting Newspaper, November 1991

Ghosting and Pressure-Sensitives, September, 1996

(All) Giclee Are Injet, Not All Injet Are Giclee, March, 2015 PDF

Global Design, December 2002

Gold in the Mounting Business, August 1998 PDF

Golden Profits, August 2001 PDF

Goodbye To Ghosting, May 2017 PDF

Gouache: An Untapped Resource, March 1992

Greening The Desert, April 2011

Guide to Basic Mounting, PFM Supplement 2011 PDF

Handling And Mounting Pastels, June 2010

Handling And Mounting Pastels, June 2010 PDF (with diagrams)

Handling Chinese Papercuts, July 2001

Hanging Systems for Home and Gallery, May 2015

Hanging Systems for Home and Gallery, May 2015 PDF

Hardboard, 8-ply and Honeycomb Panels-IEA, June 2012

Hardware: Screws, GLAC-September 2011

Hardware: Screws, Screweyes and Sawtooth Hangers, December 2012

Hardware: Wall Hangers and Cleats, April 2013

Hardware: Wall Hangers and Cleats, April 2013 PDF

Hardware: Wire, Steel Hangers and Spring Clips, February 2013

Heat Activated Comparison Spreadsheet 2013

Heat Activated and Pressure-Sensitive Comparison Spreadsheet February 2014

Heat Activated (HA) Board Comparisons, August 2009

Heat Activated, Pressure-Sensitive, Film Comparison Spreadsheet-Digitals 2013

Heat Activated, Pressure-Sensitive, Film Comparison Spreadsheet-Encapsulated Charts 2013

Heat Activated and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Substrates, May 2014

Heat Sensitivity, June 2012

Highest Form of Flattery, January 2003

Hinge Basics, November 2004

Hinges and Floated Art, December 2004

Hooks and Wires: What Not To Do, February 2012

Honeycomb Panels: Tycore and Hexamount, November 2012

Hot Facts About Encaustic Paintings, October 2016

Hot Spots for Temperature, August 2000

Hot Tips for Cold Days, September 1995

How To Speak Framer, May 2010

How To Speak Framer-TPJ, May 2010, PDF

How To Speak Framer-TPJ, May 2010, magazine spread PDF

Humidifiers, May 2013 PDF

Ilfochrome RC Photographs, February 1994

Illusionary Boxes, May 1993

IEA Member Profile: Chris Paschke, April 2013

In-House Canvas Transfers, March 2002

In-House Humidifiers

In-House Release Boards, March 2008

Innovative Sink Mounts, April 2010

Innovative Sink Mounts, April 2010 PDF

International Mounting Equipment, March 2006

Japanese Scroll Mounting, Part 1, April 2001 PDF

Japanese Scroll Mounting, Part 2, May 2001

Keeping It Clean, May 1995

Keeping Up with Technology, January 2017 PDF

Knowing When To Countermount, August 1999

Lam Non-Breathables, October 2001

Lam Over Photos, October 1994

Lam...Poly vs. Vinyl, September 2000

Laminate as Glass Substitute, June 1997

Laminate First, Then Mount, November 2014

Laminate First, Then Mount, November 2014 PDF

Laminate Plaquing, April 2006

Laminate Transfers to Watercolor Paper, June 1998

Laminating: Oversized Art, April 1993

Laminating: Oversized Images, November 2001

Large Format vs. Wide Format Photos, October 2005

Leather-look (Using Laminates for Mat Creation), June 1991

Let's Call it a Wrap w/LL, May 1994

Let's Talk Turkey, November 1996

Light at the End of the Tunnel, June 1995

Lightfastness and Color Permanence, June 1995

Lightfastness/Color Permanence, June 1995

Living Room to Patio, January 2008

L-Shape Float Frames-IEA, July 2010

L-Shape Float Frames-GLAC, May 2011

Float Spaces and Face Depths, October 2010

Long Base Profiles and Mounting, August 2010

Making of Mulberry Paper, May 2005

Marble Panels, October 1991

Marketing My Art, August 2019

Mat Cutting Basics, August 1993

Mechanical vs. Vacuum Presses, September 1993

Mechanical vs. Vacuum Presses: Pros and Cons, May 1998

Mechanical & Vacuum Presses, August 2013

Metal Frame Finishing-GLAC, August 2012

Metallic Photos: Endura vs. Pearl, August 2011

Metallic Photos & More, October 2011

Millennium Recap...Decade of Questions, December 1999

Millennium, January 1999

Mirror Images..., December 1992

Mistakes-No Bad Adhesives, Only Bad Judgments, March 2003

Mola: A Reverse Applique, November 2017

More On Honeycomb Panels-GLAC, February 2013

More Questions, December 1997

More Than A Mat Cutter To Me, July 1991

Mosaic Laminating, November 2000

Most Asked Questions of 2005, December 2005

Most Asked Questions, December 1995

Most Asked Questions, December 2003

Mounted and Laminated, August 2004

Mounted Mat Accents: Torn Paper, April 2012

Mounting and Framing in China, March 2001

Mounting and Yellowing, April 2009

Mounting Basics TTPM, May 2006

Mounting Cibachromes, October 1992

Mounting Decorative Tiles, April 2002

Mounting Digital Canvases, September 2014

Mounting Digital Canvases-PDF chart, May 2014

Mounting Digital Canvas-PPFA FMO, September 2009

Mounting Digital Papers, February 2006

Mounting Digital Reproductions, June 2006

Mounting Heavy Textiles-FATG, October 2012

Mounting Polyester Encapsulated Items, May 2008

Mounting Encapsulates, November 2000

Mounting Encapsulates, November 2000 PDF

Mounting for Matting, March 1993

Mounting Heat Activated, Pressure-Sensitive and Film Comparisons, April 2011

Mounting Ilfochrome RC Photos, February 1994

Mounting in the Millennium, January 2000

Mounting Painted Art

Mounting Printed Canvases, September 2014

Mounting Problem Photos, September 2002

Mounting Silks & Chinese Paintings, February 1993 PDF

Mounting Trends for 1994-Conservation and Lamination, January 1994

Mounting Turkish Tiles, April 2013

Mounting Work Stations, July 1992 PDF

Multiple Job Mounting: Part I, July 1995

Multiple Job Mounting: Part II, August 1995

Multiple Laminations, August 1993

Multiple Photo Mounts, October 1992

Multiple Ply Mat Cutting, May 1993

New Trends, December 1998

New Products, New Trends, January 2005

New Products, New Trends, January 2004

New Technologies (Vegas Report), June 2003

Offset Clips, March 2012

Off With Their Heads!, May 2011

One Step Mounting and Laminating: Sumi Horse, September 2004

One Step/Two Step..., May 1996

Papercut Mounting Options, July 2006

Oversized Photos, October 1993

Oversized Pastels, May 2015

Paula Roland Monoprints-IEA, February 2013 PDF

Perforated Bites, April 1996

Photo Issues: Bond Failure, October 2007

Photos Revisited, PPFAnews January 2015

Photo Substrates, November 2000

Photographs: Taming the Substrate, October 1997

Pin Striped Bevels, September 1993

Pitfalls for Photos, October 1998

Plaquing Today: A Creative Option, April 2006

Plaquing Today: A Creative Option, April 2006 PDF

Plaquing: Where It All Began, June 2001

Plaquing: Where It All Began, June 2001 PDF

Please Release Me (Release Materials), May 1995

Point Drivers, PacSo-October 2013

Polyester and RC Photographs, February 1994

Polyester vs. Vinyl, July 1993

Pre-Mount for Float Mount, August 1996

Preadhesive Heat Activated and Pressure-Sensitive Boards, May 2002

Preservation Mounting for Rugs and Weaving with Velcro, June, 2012

Preservation Mounting of Parchment and Vellum, June, 1992

Press Adjustments, PacSo-February 2014 PDF

Presses, August 2013

Press Maintenance, PacSo-January 2014

Pressure Points, May 1992

Problem Solving with TTPM, March 2019

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives, January 2012

Providing Support-FATG, October 2012

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Burnishing, February 2012

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Comparisons, November 2008

Pressure-Sensitive Comparisons, June 2006

Pressure-Sensitives and Ghosting, September, 1996

P-S and HA Adhesive Board Mounting Chart, June 2006

Pressure-Sensitive and Heat Activated Comparison Spreadsheet 2013

Pressure-Sensitive and Heat Activated Comparison Spreadsheet - Digitals 2013

PSAs and Burnishers, February 2012

PVA vs. EVA for Mounting Arrowheads, GLAC July 2012

PVA vs. EVA Wet Glue, October 2012

Questions 2000: Air Bubbles, December 2000

Questions and Problems 2007, December 2007

Really See...Really Feel, January 1998

Recto-Verso Monoprints, January 2013

Recto-Verso Monoprints-GLAC, January 2013 PDF

Recto-Verso for Wax Saturated Monoprints-IEA, January 2013

Recto-Verso for Wax Saturated Monoprints-IEA, February 2013 PDF

Release for Photos, October 1998

Release Materials, June 1995

Release Papers for Encaustics, September 2009

Release Papers, November 1992

ReMat-Van Stone, February 2004

Removable Does Not Mean Reversible, February 1993

Removal Techniques, April 2003

Remove...Remount...Refit, December 1993

Removing Linen Hinges, April 2005

Resurfacing/Retexturing Films, April 1994

Resurfacing Laminated Mats, February 2009

Retexturing Surface Laminates, August 2006

Rigid Scroll Mount, October 2018

Roller Laminator Review, May 2009

Roller Laminators, October 2013

Rooster Redo...Visit to 1970, May 2007

Rugs, Weaving and Velcro, June, 2012

Running Hot and Cold, December 2001

Sales, Price, Pay-off, November 1993

Sandstone Panels, December 1991

Screws, September 2011 - GLAC

Screws, September 2011- IEA

Screw Eyes and D-Rings, May 2011

Scrolls - Chinese Mounting, P2, August 2005

Scrolls - The Chinese Approach, P1, July 2005 PDF

Scrolls - Japanese Scroll Mounting, Part 1, April 2001 PDF

Scrolls - Japanese Scroll Mounting, Part 2, May 2001

Sealed Frames In The Real World, February 2014

Self-Adhesive Hangers-IEA, November 2012

Selling Mounting, July 2000

Selling the Mount, November 1995

Selling Up Into Shadow Boxes, November 1993

Shadowbox Collectables, November 2005

Shadowboxing Made Easy: One-piece/Cove, May 1999

Shadowboxing Made Easy: Window/Platform, June 1999

Shipping and Bond Failure, June 2010

Shipping Boxes-Drop Spine, November 1995

Shipping Boxes-Flat, December 1995

Shipping Boxes-GLAC, February 2012

Shipping Boxes: Hinged, Clam Shell and Drop Spine-FATG, January 2013

Short Base Mounting-IEA, September 2010

Silicone Adhesive-IEA, October 2009

Silicone-GLAC, June 2011

Silicone Adhesives, December 2009

Silk Embroidery, July 2007

Silk Embroidery, July 2007 PDF

Silk Paintings, May 2005

Silk Paintings, May 2005 PDF

Silk Paintings: Design & Mount, February 2018

Sink Mounting Hardboards-IEA, January 2010

Sink Mounting Hardboards-GLAC, January 2011

Sink Mounting Vintage Photos, November 2006

Sink Mounting Wax Soaked Paper, February 2010

Sink Mounts, April 2010 PDF

Solvents and Removal Techniques, April 2003

Some Like it Hot, May 2000

Speaking Framer, June 2010

Sponge Mounting, August 2007

Spray for Health Conscious, March 2000

Spring Clips and Pressure Points-GLAC, September 2012

Spring Clips for Metal Frames-IEA, August 2012

Stacked Float Frames, IEA-June 2013 PDF

Static Mounting Ilfochrome Classics, February 1997

Static Mounting Photos and Silk, September 2006

Steel Plate Hangers, October 2011

Still More Photos, November 1997

Steel and Strap Hangers, August 2011

Subject Is Sawtooth, April 2011

Substrate Alternatives: Hardboard, 8-ply and Honeycomb Panels, November 2012

Substrate Alternative: Honeycomb Panels-GLAC, November 2012

Substrates, February 1996

Substrates: Hardboard, 8-ply and Honeycomb Panels-IEA, June 2012

Suggested Mounting Chart, April 2011

Surface Tiering, July 1993

Tacking Tack Strips, November 2002

Tackling Tacking Photos, October 1999

Tapes And Their Adhesives, March 2014

Tapes and Updates, February 2003

Tapes and Updates, February 2003 PDF

Textile Mounting, May 2003, PDF only

The Care And Framing Of Watercolors, February 2010 PDF

The Care And Framing Of Watercolors-WAM, February 2010 PDF

The Care And Framing Of Watercolors-WAM, February 2010, magazine spread PDF

The Design Process: Balance, October 1994

The Design Process: Color, March 1994

The Design Process: Emphasis, September 1994

The Design Process: Essence of Design, January 1994

The Design Process: Intensity, June 1994

The Design Process: Line, February 1994

The Design Process: Proportion, August 1994

The Design Process: Rhythm, November 1994

The Design Process: Shape, May 1994

The Design Process: Space, July 1994

The Design Process: Texture, April 1994

The Design Process: Unity, December 1994

The Digital Umbrella, April 2011

The Evolution of Float Frames for Canvas, ABT-August 2010

The Four Elements of Mounting, April 1992

The Hardware Facts, ATM-March 2014 PDF

The Mystery of Adhesives, September 1998

The Playful Nature of Kid's Art, April 2018

The Pressure Point of Mounting, March 1992

The Subject Is Sawtooth, Aprill 2011

The Textures And Colors of Canvas Transferring, May 1998

The Value of Mounting, June 2000

Thermographics, May 1997

Thinking Outside the Box, November 2005

Tiered Matting: Surface Tiered Kitten, February 2005

Tiered Matting, February 1991

Time, Temperature, Pressure-Sensitive, Moisture, April 2000

Tips 'n Tricks for 1996, December 1996

Tools of the Trade, July 1997

Torn Paper Mounted Mat Accents, April 2012

Transporting Pastels: Handle With Care, October 2012

Transporting Pastels: Handle With Care, October 2012 magazinee spread PDF

Trend Fallacies 2007, January 2007

Trendspotting, January 2009

Trends: The Issue IS Mounting, January 1993

Trim, Control and Protect, February 2007

Troubleshooting Mechanical Presses, June 1997

Two Bite Or Not To Bite, March 1996

TTPM: Back to the Basics, May 2006

TTPM: Biting The Art That Feeds You, May 1992

TTPM: Dampness and Moisture, April 1992

TTPM: How Long Is Long Enough, April 1992

TTPM: Taking Your Temperature Seriously, April 1992

TTPM-Time, January 1995

TTPM-Temperature, February 1995

TTPM-Pressure, March 1995

TTPM-Moisture, April 1995

Two Halves Make A Whole, May 2007

Tycore, Hexamount & Hexacomb Panels-IEA, March 2013

Under Tiering, August 1993

Understanding Frames, May 2010

Vellum and Parchment, February 1999

Versatile Offset Clips, March 2012

Wall Grouping Common Line-GLAC, May 2012

Wall Groupings, October 1995

Wall Groupings-IEA, May 2012

Wall Grouping Unity-GLAC, April 2012

Wall Hooks: Standard vs. Floreat, November 2011

Wall Mounting/Hanging Variations, October 2009

Wax Hangers-IEA, March 2011

Wax Hangers-GLAC, February 2011

Wax Hinges-GLAC, December 2012

Wax Hinges, December 2012 PDF

Wedding Dioramas, November 2003

Wet Glue: PVA vs. EVA, October 2012

Wet to Last the Test of Time, February 2000

What and How to Sell Laminating, September 2001

What to Do With Ilfochromes, October 1992

What's Wrong With This Picture?, January 1996

What's Wrong With this Picture?, February 2015

Which Wire?-IEA, June 2011

Which Wire?-GLAC, July 2011

Wire Installation, July 2011

Wire Placement, January 2012

Wire, Steel Hangers and Spring Clips, February 2013

Working in Tight Places, March 1999

Working With A Framer, TAM December 2015

Wrapped Bevels, February 1991

Wrapped Mats Basic, June 2004

Yupo Part 1: What To Do With Yupo, November 2015

Yupo Part 2: Mounting Synthetic Papers, January 2016